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Voice recording is currently a common feature found on mobile phones today. Using apps makes the recording process easier while introducing more enhanced functionality. One of the voice recorder iOS app options you can get is My Voice Recorder.

App Overview:

Developed by Milad Fakhr, My Voice Recorder currently gains popularity in iTunes because of its offered recording features. For a universal app, it offers remarkable features that guarantee better performance and output exceeding users’ expectations.



This voice recorder iOS app highlights the following features that you will find beneficial, especially if you usually need voice recordings:

Clear Sound Recording:
The core of high quality recording is clear audio, something My Voice Recorder offers. Its sound quality is at par with other high-end apps that many people use.

One-Touch Control:
With this universal app, you can say goodbye to complicated controls for recording. One touch lets your record audio and another touch to stop and save the file. Simple controls mean lesser mistakes in recording and even saving you time to get your audio file.

Saves Video Files in Two Different File Formats:
Seamless recording offered by My Voice Recorder is remarkable. But what makes it better is saving audio files in two file formats. After recording, you have an option to save the audio as MP3 or RAW file format, which will work for you effectively regardless of what device you are using.

My Voice Recorder for iPad

Voice Email Support:
Recording voice mail is possible with My Voice Recorder. Memos and voice emails will come in clear audio that you would love to store. A remarkable feature that comes with this functionality is supporting up to 5MB of voice email file size.

Background Recording:
This voice recorder iOS app supports background recording, which means you can go back to your home screen while the app continues to record the file.

Detailed User Interface:
The interface displays various information about the app and the recording itself. Review the audio’s file size and time stamp through the app. Playback counter and timer for recording are also displayed for your reference.

Voice Recording App

Auto File Naming System:
Save your file with ease with automatic file naming system. Stop the recording and it will auto save the file by assigning specific filenames.

Affordable App:
Priced at $1.99, this universal app is very affordable and can be easily downloaded because of its size. Its functionality and features make it a good app to use daily.

With this voice recorder iOS app, you will experience high quality recording right on your mobile device. Check iTunes and discover its features for yourself.

Price: $1.99

Rating: 4/5

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