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Home Productivity myCAMS – Watch and Follow Your Mutual Funds More Carefully Than Ever...

If you want to keep track of your mutual funds with CAMS, myCAMS (iOS/Android, Free) can help with an easy to use interface. The app actually tracks how your mutual funds are performing on a regular basis, keeping you informed of which are your best and worst performing investments. The app’s system makes sure that tracking your investments is easier than ever. The myCAMS app is designed to keep CAMS investors up-to-date on all of their mutual fund investments. Once you use the login provided, you’ll be able to see your latest valuation first, as well as a cost value vs market value. For most users, keeping tabs on that alone would be enough, but myCAMS goes deeper. What’s even more impressive is the fact that calling is almost a formality: almost any reason you’d need to call CAMS is available on the app.

               myCAMS iPhone App                               myCAMS free app

  • The myCAMS app also keeps you updated on your most recent transactions
  • App gives you immediate access to the last 72 hours of your transaction data
  • Users can request statements or ask questions about your specific investments right from your handy and easy-to-use menu at the bottom of the screen
  • Can see value breakdowns on the app and learn how your mutual fund is working under the bonnet.
  • Can get access to information which previously needed more extensive contact

Verdict: myCAMS is an app that was definitely designed with a variety of users in mind, and it shows. With access to overview data that interests many clients, the app also allows for detailed analysis that can help clients make informed decisions and get more information, particularly about better-performing mutual funds.

Price: Free

Rating: 4.5/5

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