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Anyone who had read a story book would know that you couldn’t complete a story without dreaming yourself to be a part of it. However, the times of dreaming are over and with the new iPad app MyStoryTime, you can actually visualize yourself in a story. This could really excite the kids when reading a story on iPad.


You can see your kids become the stars of a fairy tale with the help of My Story Time App. Kids would also love to be hero and heroine of an adventure, which they would have only read. Power of this app to personalize the story for the viewer would be truly realized by you when you see the spar of joy in the eyes of your children when they are using it.

This app runs smoothly on iPad and it’s easy to insert the desired picture into the app. First you take the photos with the iPad camera and align them to suit the required size of the app. Then you can use them in the stories which are given in the app. The only limitation is the less number of stories. However, the developers are promising that there would be more stories added in future.


Pros of the App:

* The interface is easy to work and kids don’t have any problem using it.
* Allows the user to personalize the narration of the story and this adds plenty of interest, especially for the kids. Stories become much more interesting to them.
* App is stable to use and doesn’t give any hiccups while its usage.
* Your kids would love this app when they use it on iPad

Price: $1.99

Rating: 4/5

Download from iTunes

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