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I always used to dream about traveling in luxury yachts. But I didn’t know where to get the details about them. One of my friends told me about an iPad app called ‘Navis Luxury Yachts Magazine’. You can get all the details you need about yachts in this app.

Navis Luxury Yatchs Magazine

Now let’s see what the app is about. Once you download it, you get 1 free magazine, which is not just a sample, but a full magazine. It has high quality images of the most advanced designs and trends of various luxury yachts and sailboats, which will be quite useful for people of the yachting community who would like to know about related activities and their yachting lifestyle.

You can zoom into the images to know each and every detail about the yachts and see the finest craftsmanship of outstanding yachts. Once you have downloaded a few magazines, each of 80 MB, you can see them as a cover flow. This will help you quickly select the magazine that you want to read. Start reading the magazine by tapping on view. In this mode, you can either see or hide the contents of a page with a thumbnail image of each article and scroll through it. An annual subscription of this magazine costs $19.99, which will be deducted from the payment gateway that you have setup for your iTunes account.

The app has a simple user interface. With the attractive cover flow of magazines, I feel that not only the people of the yachting community but everyone can give it a shot and know about amazing yachts.


The app developers have given a limited time offer to get a free PDF version of the magazine, before you subscribe for the iPad version. Use the coupon code – NZJLMG in this link to get it. Go get it before time runs out!

Price: Free

Rating: 4/ 5

Download from iTunes

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