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Need for speed one of the popular racing game series from Electronics Arts and its time to welcome them on iPad. Electronics Arts has recently launched iPad version of Need for Speed Shift with added features like challenges in career mode and nitro. Expect these features everything looks the same of its iPhone version. But what thrills me, is playing NFS shift on iPad in a much big screen. My first time experience with NFS Shift on iPad attracted me a lot to the game.

Need for shift for iPad

Let me talk about the gameplay

Need for Speed Shift for iPadNeed for Speed Shift is all about racing, to live up to the expectation – the graphics was brilliant and at a point of time, you will feel as of your driving the car. The game offers a cockpit view with close connection to the driver and I have not seen such things happened to me in any other gaming device. I am not say iPad is the best device for gaming, but the motion sensor makes me feel great while playing a racing game. The game’s 3D view looks amazing with shinning cars and you could see even the cracks and bumpers on the road. The next thing that adds more thrill to the game was the sound, which just rocks all over the game.

The game controls looks similar to the iPhone version, with manual or auto acceleration. When I started playing the game, I found the auto acceleration pretty helpful. The game has a total of 18 different tracks and 7 events per locations. If you own an iPhone app, everything looks the same except the rear camera view and 8 new cars. Overall its a good app, but with a cost of $14.99 we might need to think as there are many other racing apps under the $10 mark. If money is not a matter, then go ahead and experience the real gaming on your iPad.

Cost: $14.99

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