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NinJump a popular free game for the iPhone has launched their iPad version – NinJump HD on the app store. NinJump is successfully known for its fast paced experience  on the iPhone and now with their entry into iPad its nice to play the game on a much bigger screen. This stunningly brilliant iPad game is available for free on the app store. Unbelievable? Believe it!

ninjump hd iPad app review

For a free app like NinJump HD, its surprising to see their app with such a great graphics and sound effects that is rare with other free games. The NinJump controls are simple with two taps on the left and the right side. While playing the game you need to be watchful for hurdles that puts you down, so the more height you reach, greater the points you gain and greater the obstacles you encounter. Since the game has integrated OpenFeint you can login using your OpenFeint account and compete your scores against thousands of global users.

One you cross 1000 points you will find more obstacles from angry bird to killer ninjas. However you can get rid of these obstacles by using the ninja sword along with the protective shield to go further to a greater height. The game is based on a very simple concept added up with brilliant graphics and gameplay to get us involved into the game. To me, NinJump HD satisfies to the core and that too at a cost of zero. If you want more levels to NinJump HD wait for sometime as the game developers are working a paid version to include more exciting levels.

Cost: Free

Rating: 4.5/5

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