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Noble Gnarble is a wonderful story about the journey of Noble Gnarble to see the sky. While the Gnarble is on its way to see the sky, it was hindered by many obstacles and he tries to get out of them to see the sky. A very simple app depicting the story in vivid colored pictures along with voice narration. This reminds me of my childhood days where I used to listen stories from my dad.So, if you have kids, they are gonna love it!

noble gnarbles ipad app review

Noble Gnarble is a kind of e-book that bring in colorful story telling for kids. Each and every slide in the app is made up of excellent painting that is sure to impress your kids. All the slides has a little paragraph guided with voice to gives a feel of someone narrating the story in front of you. A very voice with good pronunciation and even you see the voice modulation changes at certain slides. By default the auto read and auto page turn has been enabled and these two options can be changed from the settings by double tapping on the screen. Sometimes its really hard to open the setting page with two taps.

Whole story of the app is well made to transfer a good message to all of us. “When you try to achieve your goals, you are hindered with many obstacles. Fear not and move forward to achieve your goal”. To me, this is a great story that you can gift for your kid.

Noble Gnarble is a good story app, but it disappoints in terms of usability. When we are listen to the story, there is no pause button to stop the slide while listening and the story is too short for a $1.99 app. Anyhow still Noble Gnarble is pretty lovely for your kids.

Cost: $1.99

Rating: 3.5/5

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