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Kids of this generation will only be familiar with the modern, sophisticated digital calculators. It is time now to show them antique calculators on your iPad so that they get an idea of how they were used.

Old Calculator

‘Old Calculator’ by JUUQ Mobile, brings the classic calculator back to life. It has been recreated according to today’s digital age. It looks like it has been carved in wood and has metal switches, symbols and numbers presented in a stunning manner.

It was quite interesting to use this app. The very first time when I tried using Old Calculator, I didn’t get a clear idea of the app’s functioning. Then I learned about this classic calculator and came to know that it has all the basic mathematical functions found on a simple digital calculator. The difference lies in how the operations are carried out.

The user interface is pretty awesome. The only thing that doesn’t fit in is the LED display in a century old calculator. That too could have been done in the classic style. In all other aspects this app is good & it functions well.

I would recommend this to kids as well as adults, who might not have known what a century old calculator looks like.

Price: $0.99

Rating: 4/ 5

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