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It is not easy teaching to a pre-school kid. The experience of teaching will become a nightmare as a kid thinks that learning is a burden. When learning becomes a fun, then teaching would be enjoyable.

It has never been easy for me to teach my two year old. But recently I have found an app that can teach all about animals. Old MacDonald’s Farm Fun is exclusively designed for pre-school children. This app is about a guy MacDonald, who has a farm, full of animals. By tapping Flashcards this app guides kids to the farm. It introduces the animals with the sound they make. Kids could hear the sounds and it also says what the sound is called in English i.e., cow moos, dog barks etc., The animals are found here with the food.


By tapping the question mark in the bottom of the iPad, they can get the fun facts about the animals. I read some of them. It says that a dog can give hundred different expressions, mostly with its ears and the donkey can see all four of its feet at a time. It is really interesting. I must admit that I don’t know most of the fun facts listed there.

It has fun-filled test for children. In Hide and Seek, they have to find animals, by the sound they make. While playing Feeding Time, children have to feed the animal by correctly selecting its food. Otherwise, MacDonald will cry. Finally there is a song for the children, where MacDonald, sings and dances with his animals. The song is played with the sub-titles as this is an app for the kids.

For sure, this app will serve as a friendly teacher for children. Instead of cartoons, real images of animals are given in it. So they can easily identify them, when they meet it in real life.

Cost: $4.99

Rating: 4/ 5

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