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Omium – 2 Player Shooter is actually a different genre game which we haven’t played till now. The concept of the game revolves around protecting our ship from enemies, but even though the concept sounds pretty old, the user interface of the game is totally different and give a new gaming genre. Omium has taken advantage of the iPad’s big screen and its a two player game, believe me it is.

omium iPad app review

Omium is a multiplayer with one playing as “Good” player and the other as “Bad” player. The good player drives the ship, where in the Bad player make square shaped waves to destroy the ship. The moral of the game is to destroy the square waves until some point of time to win.


There nothing much to talk about the controls, since the ship is controlled by dragging your hands on the screen. Good to have the pause button at the middle left corner. If your fingers get tired you need to use the button, actually I got tired after playing for 5 minutes. The more you play you get used to the game by defeating the enemy. Initially you find it difficult to dodge, but after a few hours of play you will become an experienced driver.

The app has three different modes to choose from Dodge, Juggle and Infinite. All the three modes has different gameplay. In the first mode, you need to dodge between the enemy square waves, while the second mode, you need to kill the enemies even before they touch the bottom of the screen. The third mode bring the enemies from bottom to top, untill you kill all the enemies you can finish the mode.

I really enjoyed the game playing with my friend, I would be recommended to kill your lazy moving time and a potential multiplayer game for the iPad. So, I got Omium on my iPad, how about you?

Cost: $0.99

Rating: 4/5

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