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Operation is an app that reminds me of the comedy named “the Three Stooges”, hope you guys remember it. It was the one where three guys made us laugh with their crazy actions of hitting each other accidentally. However there was one episode that dealt with treating a patient in an operation theater, boy! Wasn’t that a funny one.

Operation App Screenshot

Well the app that’s  going to be a lot similar to that is “Operation”, where you get to play the role as a crazy doctor, and you have four patients, one a common man, a robot, an alien that looks a lot like the one that comes in the movie the “Aliens”, and a zombie. So for all of you who have just been waiting to get their backs on those aliens and zombies, here’s your chance.

The fun really begins when you get to remove organs from your patients, and off course do make sure that you do not pull out the wrong ones or the very important ones or your patient would die. If they do, you loose. Not to worry though you’ll have all the gadgets in the world that you need around you, like the defibrillator, chloroform in case you do not want your patient to undergo pain, or you could just be a sadist and avoid that ;). Well the long and short of it is that your going to have a lot of fun switching organs removing organs and saving patients at the brink of death. Dreadful I know, but the fun starts  when crazy things happen as situations change with the removal of each organ, and the task is getting back on track. I do hope you try it and have a lot of laughs as you enjoy it.

Price: $1.99

Rating: 4

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