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The iPad, one of the handheld device which allows you to connect the world and nowadays it turned into digital data hub which allows you to store files and documents including personal and official. Once, the number of documents and files increases, automatically we used to search the file management app to manage it. By the way, I found one of the intresting app for my iPad named OrganiDoc HD which is a perfect file management app it allows you to manage documents, pics, videos which is saved in iPad or even in email.


The OrganiDoc HD app is integrated with iCloud service which your files, docs, photos and videos will be automatically stored to icloud. Also it is integrated with cloud disks such as dropbox, google docs, MobileMe iDisk, and so on.


Some of the main features in OrganiDoc HD:

  • You can manage your docs, videos, pics with either in public or private
  • Files and Folders such as Zip, Rar can be compressed and extracted in OrganiDoc HD. Also password protects Zip or Rar files are supported
  • You can easily transfer files from your pc through iTunes enabling browser and management
  • Has an option to save your attachments within email to OrganicDoc HD
  • You can easily check the sharing status of your Google Docs or Dropbox
  • It is a one stop file management app for emailing or dispatching file to other apps for further use
  • Pics are saved with complete information such as GPS, focus, resolution and so on
  • Using the app, you can Convert videos to ipad playable video and audio files
  • The app supports mostly all file formats on your ipad

Overall the OrganiDoc HD app has the clean user interface to save your data’s and to protect your files and documents. And in each upgrades, the app adds some more interesting features.

The OrganiDoc HD app is available on the app store, to use this app it requires iPad and it is compatible with iOS 4.2 or later.The app costs $4.99 which feels high price for just managing the documents & files on the cloud service.

Price: $4.99

Rating: 4/ 5

Download from iTunes

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  1. You will be glad to know that I’ve been using OrganiDoc HD for a long instance and very pleased by its effective support for managing files. I like almost its every feature. Thanks dude.

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