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First things after trying out this app I had mixed reactions. Let’s welcome Pages an iPad app developed by Apple Inc. Well, since the app is developed by non other than Apple, I don’t think I need to explain how it looks and basically Apple developers are known for creating excellent User Interface design. So lets concentrate on how it works? And, how much it worth of bucks?.

Pages for iPad review

Pages is a simple word application for iPad to create your own documents, presentations and even you can import pictures. Once I edited some pre installed documents, I found the app much easy to align images and text using my fingers. Actually now I found the purpose for my fingers, a kind of.

Previous version of Pages has several bugs like not optimized for landscape and using landscape mode won’t show up the toolbar, this really annoys when I used version 1.0. Thanks for Apple for fixing the issue and now you can write and read using both portrait and landscape mode. But personally I found portrait mode more comfortable and give a fell of a notebook.

Pages for iPad review

What I like

  • Elegant design
  • Cool Interface
  • Easy to align images

What I hate

  • Lack of word count tool
  • Lack of printing option
  • Maybe they could have added file export option for Google docs, but unfortunately they have for iWorks.com, which is not used by many.

Final words, if Apple puts an update to include those necessary tools and features, this would be the best word processing app and since there is less competition in word app, Pages for iPad still remain to be the best. So go for it, if you really need it.

Guys, don’t forget to check out this video

Cost: $9.99

Download from iTunes

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