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For almost a week I have been searching for humor apps for the iPad. The unlucky fact is, I was not able to find any even after a week’s search. But a smart search did the trick – I chanced upon Paper People Jokes iPad app.

What’s Paper People Jokes? To be frank, I had no idea as to what it is when I looked at it. But after a glance through its website, I understood the meaning of the name of the app. To put it in a word, the app is nothing but ‘BRILLIANT’. Paper People Jokes is the hub of animated/video jokes that are made out of funny situations. Currently, the app has more than 80 animated jokes with different categories. I must admit most of it are really funny and refreshingly new.

paper people jokes iPad app review

The interface of the app is well-designed. When you launch the app, you are taken to the dashboard containing 10 videos at the first page. I watched most of the videos but the funniest was the video by name – Tig Smorf Bitties. The categories help us choose and watch jokes based on our specific interests and also to find videos based on keyboards.

Paper People Jokes app has many adult jokes that may not be suitable for kids. Well, they have a solution for that too. In the settings menu, you have the option list of filtering that lets you to ON or OFF dirty jokes filter. Also you can filter jokes from Paper Cut and Paper People Jokes by turning off the respective buttons. If you worry about bandwidth issues, you can change the quality of the video from Low, Medium and High at the settings menu.

I loved almost everything about this app, especially the feature that allows us to add a video as our favorite and watch videos listed in the favorite menus. The submit joke feature is a good idea to get a good number of funny jokes that then gets into an animated video jokes once it gets approved by the team. I wish there could be a save option in the future to save the jokes on the hard drive and an option to save the audio transcript. Overall, its a humorous app that you should never miss out!

Cost: $1.99

Rating: 4/5

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