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Party Playist a musical DJ app that brings in mixing music, organizing and managing playlist from the iPad. What more? Well, Party Playlist has a custom made interface to organize playlist and play songs between two playlist, which is not possible with the common music app.

party playlist ipad app review

Party Playlist is a party entertainer app to enable DJ style music mixing, switching between playlist to change tracks based on the moods. Generally parties has a mixture of moods, so with a normal music player app, we won’t be able to switch between songs at a fast phase and the way of changing tracks using default music player app in parties isn’t the best way. But Party Playlist is equipped with two playlist to easily switch between playlist.


As like the native iPod application, Party Playlist  doesn’t require you to add or import songs into it. The app separates the audio files based on artists, genre and playlist to easily switch between categorized view. The best part about Party Playlist was the easy to use controls for switching between songs. To perform, just swipe the finger from left to right or vice versa to fade the music volume before moving to the next list.

Sound Board is the place to add funny sounds in between playing the music. Users can utilize the built in music or can add their own sounds to the app. But be sure that your music files are in MP3 or in the WAVE format. So how to add sounds? Very simple once again, just use the iTunes file sharing feature to sync the sounds files into the app. After syncing, tap and hold on the sound button to bring up the setup window. Now you can select the button color, the name and the sound that needs to be assigned for a specific button.

User Interface

With good app functions, the graphics is left mediocre. It is better if the developer adds some decent graphics to the app and instead of star there can an oscilloscope. Other than these two, Party Playlist is an useful app to smoothly switch between playlist within your friends party. A kind of DJ app, you can say.

Finally if you like to show off good music among your friends, go get this app for your iPad.

Cost: $2.99

Rating: 4/5

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