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The iPad is a great tool for most business people and others who spend a lot of time traveling. Especially when it comes to handling documents, the iPad is really handy as it lets you carry your documents with you wherever you go. PDF Forms, developed by Dar-Soft, is an enticing application for your iPad that makes your PDF work very easy and efficient.

How to get your PDF files inside the app:

You can easily transfer your PDF files from DropBox cloud service.

If you are downloading any PDF files from the Internet, you can open them using the app and they automatically get saved into it.

If your file is already in the iPad or downloaded from Email, it’s only a single tap that is required to open it using PDF Forms.


Features available in PDF Forms

  • You can easily customize and manage your files by creating separate folders.

  • There is a great feature which allows you to create a hand-written signature and attach it to any part of the PDF file.

  • You can easily add text to the PDF file.

  • If you are in need of any kind of artwork, you can use the free painting option.

  • Adding/editing signatures, texts or drawing can be easily done.

  • You can add pre-defined/custom stamps (something like a tick mark or signature stamp etc.)

  • Attaching an image from your photo library is also an easy task.

  • The app comes with a wide range of editing options which allow you to adjust the font size, color etc. You can easily move the object by tapping on it twice. Once you are done, you can easily send the document via Email or print it from within the app.

  • Another cool feature is the option of searching within the file that delivers the exact page number and number of times the searched query appears on that page.

  • You can also bookmark a particular page and edit it if you want (add a new page or remove an existing one).

What’s missing:

  • There is no undo/redo option.

It would have been better if the app was less expensive and if it had the option of attaching a PDF file to a Facebook message from within it. On the whole, this is one of the best business apps I have tried so far. With a bunch of great features, PDF Forms is definitely worth a try!

Price: $8.99

Rating: 4.5/ 5

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