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Perfect Slice HD is a fun-filled game that keeps you glued to it. As the name suggests, you have to slice various objects perfectly into two equal parts. You will surely be addicted to this game and it is easy to lose track of time, once you start playing. The app will make you want to keep playing until you perfectly bisect the random objects. There is no difficulty in bisecting a triangle or a square but what about uneven objects? It’s not as easy as you think. Play this game and you will realize how difficult it is to divide objects into equal portions.

Perfect Slice HD App Screenshot

This game contains two modes – Zen mode and Survival mode. Zen mode allows you to take your own time to slice the objects. Every perfect slice will be awarded with a star with which you can unlock new levels. Survival mode has a timer and you need to cut the objects before the timer ends. In this mode, you will be given lives for every perfect slice. If your slicing goes wrong or if you are unable to cut an object within the given time, you will be losing lives. You can bisect the objects with a straight line or you can select freestyle mode and use your own wiggly line. Whatever mode or line you select doesn’t matter, what does is the perfect slicing of the objects.

The attractive part of the game is the graphics and the weird objects which appear for slicing. For slicing the object with a straight line, simply swipe on the iPad screen. You can adjust lines by using the anchors provided. For freestyle lines, just move your finger randomly on the iPad and once you finish drawing lines, just tap on the scissors to bisect the objects.

Perfect Slice HD is a perfect entertainer. My friends and I whiled away hours with this app. Download the app, start playing and have a blast!

Price: $2.99

Rating: 4/5

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