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Home Productivity PhotoEditor+ – Make Frames, Stickers & Retro Picture Effects App Review

 The Best Companion App for the Consummate Photographer 

Have you always wanted a mobile photo editing platform that could offer more Photoshop-like features? Indeed, not a lot of mobile photo editing apps could readily simulate the artist-friendly features of Photoshop. In this golden age of selfies and spontaneous photography, users almost always want to polish their photos to perfection after taking them. And, many would argue that this is best done on the desktop version of Photoshop only. Nonetheless, the focus of this review, PhotoEditor+, is probably the closest that most mobile users would get (at least, for now) to acquiring a photo editing app, which has, more or less, similar elements to the image-editing giant.

A free editing app for iPhone

This is because PhotoEditor+ pretty much supports all of the basic image and photo editing aspects of Photoshop, like the ability to crop and adjust the filters, brightness, saturation, contrast, blur, etc. to your photos and images, as well as add texts to it. Take note that you can immediately perform these actions once the image has been loaded. Once you start the app, you need only to click the Image icon on the leftmost part of the app’s main icon row. You can load any picture you want whether it’s stored on your phone or even if it has just been taken only seconds ago.

The app’s primary, stand-out features are already shown on its subtitle. With every photo that you edit, you choose to add exquisite frames and stickers; and if you’re worried that you just won’t find the right one, know that, with PhotoEditor+’s substantial collection of different sticker and frame designs, you can be certain of finding the one that would suit any image or photo you choose to edit. One other unique feature is the Special Retro Picture Effects, which essentially lets you make your photos look dated and old-fashioned. You can freely select from various image filters so as to alter the tone and atmosphere of the photo with just a few taps and slides.

A free photo editing app

With that said, what makes PhotoEditor+ ultimately different are the said exclusive features. PhotoEditor+ is also made unique by its user-friendliness because it is not at all difficult to get the hang of its interface and tools; most of which are represented by familiar icons and symbols. The same can’t be said for many of the top photo editing apps out there, which, for their sophisticated image-tuning capabilities, could prove to be quite difficult to use. This is why whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, who has been looking for that Photoshop magic in photo editing apps today, know that PhotoEditor+ could very well serve as your own digital photographic studio at virtually no cost!



Price: Free

Rating: 4.7/5

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