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My friends call me a daydreamer, because I get immersed in dreamworld while being awake. I have even seen people talking to me in my day dream. Ok, the reason why I talked about the daydream is, now there is an iPad app which takes you to somewhere else where you’ve not been before.

It’s Pictureopia by Shalim Khan. They have mainly used binaural sound which is the key to this app’s jaw-dropping  helicopter sound effect.

picturetopia screenshot

They have also selected a series of pleasant eye pleasing images, that makes it even more wonderful. I should definitely mention about each of those. I felt lke being somewhere else using Picturetopia. Lets begin in the order they have given.

Airport: The image shows all the check-in counters of a big airport. The sound made me feel as if I am standing in the middle of one the busiest airports and that too in peak hours.

Bells: The image of church bell hanging in a bell tower in dusk background is artistic. If I had to tell about the sound of the bell, I felt like the sound was coming from somewhere near my home and it was realistic with the echo.

Bus Stop: The image of the bus stop is picture perfect. To say about the sound, I really felt like standing there with the sound of the vehicles passing by.

Forest: Excellent choice of picture, I would like to have it as my Mac’s wallpaper. Ah, I can talk for days about the sound for this one. Once I really turned my head sidewards when heard a bird’s wings flapping that side. The forest theme made me feel like as if I went to a beautiful forest (as you see in the picture) early in the morning. I heard this theme again and again as it was awesome.

Helicopter: About the image its just a chopper hunting, using its spotlight  when the sun is about to set. But the sound effect is jaw-dropping, I just tried hearing this with my eyes closed. Then I felt as if I suddenly opened the door of a theater, where a Hollywood action movie was running with a helicopter chasing sequence. I felt like a helicopter coming in from my left side and flying over  my head  and then to my right and hovering sometime there and then the vice versa.

Pencil: There is noting much to say about the image, it has what it says. But when I heard the pencil scratching sound it took me back to my childhood days, when I used to waste lot of papers by doing exactly what the image says. The sound is not only capable of taking people to somewhere else but also to different times of their lives too.

Train: You have got an image of speeding train and a warning board. The train’s sound didn’t thrill me as much as the helicopter and forest did. The image and the sound didn’t take me to another place like the two that I mentioned before.

Tropical Rain: When talking about the image the rain is less visible and the leaves from which the water droplets are dropping are fine. But this could have been better, if you’ve got an image which shows that you are in the middle of a dense forest during rain. Coming back to sound it makes me feel like as if it was recorded in separate tracks and played together. This is not as original as the forest theme.

Typewriter : An image only has an old typewriter. A single sentence typing sound being played again and again. To be honest this theme didn’t take me anywhere (as a day dreamer) but I got a bit of pain in my ears as I heard this only few times with my headphones to review this app.

Waterfall: I won’t say the image is bad, but it doesn’t match the background sound of a huge waterfall. They could have displayed a huge waterfalls then the soothing background sound for this theme would have gone hand in hand.

Anyways I had to say that, this app developer has simply made a magic with ten images and audio tracks, which take you to another places in an instant. People like me who work around the clock can go into this app’s forest theme, whether you have your eye’s open or closed, you will get a peace of mind and you will get relived from your work stress for a while. This app’s USP is their binaural recording of sounds which makes it easy to be used anywhere using your headphones, without disturbing others. People who haven’t even updated their iOS since 3.2, you need not worry as this app is compatible from that version onwards.

Price: $4.99

Rating: 4/5

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