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If you own an iPhone, you could have played many pin ball games such as wild west pinball, jungle style pinball and the deep. In iPad you can get all those pinball games in one single game and its named as Pinball HD.

Pinball for iPad

Whats about the features?

pinball HD for iPadThe gameplay is similar to what we played on iPhone, but the difference I found was the graphics and a bigger screen. The game has different levels and unique layout for each of the table and all the points feature for local and online high scores. To customize the viewing angle, the game contains landscape and portrait viewing angle with change in the level of zooming to fit into the screen.

Playing games on iPad is always fun and Pinball HD works great on your iPad with stunning graphics. During the gameplay we can hear some annoying voices that irritates many including me and there is no background music in the game. So all we can hear are the sounds from the table. The game controls are very simple, all you need is to tap anywhere on the screen to play.


Overall, its a good game if its played on an iPad. The killer looks of the game makes it a very special game to be played on your ipad. At a price of $2.99 its worth of going for an eye catching game that is amazing to witness on your iPad.

Cost: $2.99

Download from iTunes

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