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Home Games Play Any Instrument and Learn Real Music with KnowNote

I found an amazing app on the App Store called KnowNote by Jason Cook. The app allows you to play any instrument and learn real music through its online game by using a virtual keyboard. Being the music lover that I am, I just had to try out this app.


KnowNote for iPad

To start the game, just click on the ‘play’ icon to view a list of songs. Next, choose the song that you’d like to play. If you aren’t used to playing games like this, you best start with a slow song and then work your way through to playing some faster beats. The app even helps you decide on your songs. You can choose songs that are titled, ‘easy’ and ‘very easy’ for the first try.


As soon as you tap on the song of choice you’ll see a set of notes falling down the screen through red, yellow, and green bars. Now it’s time to get alert and start making a note of the letters in the bubble as they fall down the screen. As you see the notes falling through the green bar, just press the letter seen in the bubble on your keyboard. For every note that you get right as the letter crosses the green bar, you will receive 2 points plus a bonus. If the note is typed in when the letter is in the yellow area, you will be awarded with 1 point plus a bonus point. If you want to earn more points, press and hold on the letter in the bubble till a comet tail is formed. Make sure you hold on to the key till the comet tail passes through the green bar. You also get to earn bonus points when you type in your notes correctly over a period of time. These bonus points get automatically reset when you miss out on a note. ;(


iPad KnowNote App

The app comes with a studio where you can record songs besides playing the game. This can be real fun because it gives you a very professional experience. Other than this, the app offers features where you could shop for new instruments, and also connect with the KnowNote crew via Facebook.


Price: Free
Rating: 4.7/5


Download from iTunes

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