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If you are running a business you’ll probably know how strenuous and brain racking it is to get all the data required in order, to run a certain system efficiently. Well every business has its own strategy that differs from one to one but the bottom point is their should be an account for every action performed with relevance to the growth in production.

Now how do we get all these under one roof??, this is where the app Portfolio mobile comes to play. The app however has already found fame in the eyes of many after it had earned it’s name when it was featured in Apple’s New & Noteworthy August 2010!

The reason for the popularity extended to the app is because of its efficiency in carrying out the work at hand and the features that it posses which makes it the most wanted financial app at hand. To start off with, the app performs,Portfolio tracking, technical analysis, foreign trading, gives price alerts and also has many more feature under its sleeve. The app gives you the ability to make technical charts which also include line drawing capabilities.

Use the app to view portfolio values and performance histories of graphs made against major leads in the market as well. Why be in the dark when you can have quotes, charts and news from Euronext, Google, MSN and Yahoo. Use it to view portfolio distribution charted by sectors, get automatically synced in with your broker, off-course you would need a OFX in that case. Get integrated with Portfolio’s web portal on iPhone.

Receive the latest PUSH-based price alerts. You could also use the app to import and export your positions for use in other programs. Besides this there is no more loss of data or updates, for there is always an online backup and web-based entry. With help from advanced features you can keep yourself aware of insurance policies, real estate and many more.

There are settings and options for everything that they have on role, starting with interface color schemes to how often quotes are updated. To give you a sigh of relief, the app is also ad free, and you can make sure that this is the kind of support that you need for a successful running of a intricate business system.

Price: $14.99

Rating: 4/5

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