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Living in a world of hectic life, wasting a single minute means us a lot. Especially  we spend a lot of time for preparing a mock ups for your next project. iMockups for iPad  brings a wonderful interface to easily create mockups using the available tools on the app. The apps provides the wireframe of web page, iPhone and a web application to easily start off with the making a mock-up of your imaginations.

imockup iPad app review

iMockups is one of the useful iPad apps of all time to offers great tools for making a mockup. When I started off with this app, I was literally amazed to see its polished features to helps us create a good mock-up in no time. For an instance each of the controls can be arranged, moved, re-sized to fit it our needs. Once you are done with the mock-up the app lets you to export the files to .png format and bmml format. Additionally you can also email the mock-up. Cool isn’t it?

There are several things that can be highlighted about the app and similarly there are certain aspects that requires an improvement. Fonts and colors are really essential for customizing the mock-up for precise understanding. However I hope the next update would bring more fonts and colors. Overall iMockups is well designed to help people create mock-ups comparatively faster and it is a marvelous creation for the iPad users.

Cost: $9.99

Rating: 4.5/5

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