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I am a slow reader and it takes me almost half-an-hour to read two pages in a book. I have always been looking to improve on this, but I had no clue about how to achieve this.

I gave a try to Reading Trainer – an iPad app. I must admit that there are some improvements in my reading. This app has some interesting techniques to make you read faster with a better retention rate. It can help you in reading all kinds of texts. Reading Trainer really makes it fun to grab the reading skill.


When you open the app, it will just ask for the name and will start lessons. Then in the training mode you will be given text to read and it will ask you some questions related to the text. It also has a power reader to boost the reading speed. It will highlight only one line at a time. So it urges you in reading faster. It will also show statistics about your performance.

I got 3 right answer out of 4 in my first test. It may look good, but I think it is not enough. I tested my reading skill again to get all 4 right answers. This app is a very good tool for a guy like me. The interface is user – friendly and it is designed in a way to guide the user through the lessons step by step. If you have a student in your home you should get this app. It can be used regularly. But avoid excessive usage.

Reading Trainer is available for $4.99 and I don’t think it is too much for an effective trainer. It is an exclusive app for iPad. If you really want to increase your reading speed, this is the tool, you should get.

Rating: 4/ 5

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  1. I totally agree with the review. I was studying for my Uni exams. As I am a rather slow reader I thought I would give this App a try and I must say, I am really satisfied with my results. The App really helped me to progress ! You should give it a go !

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