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iPad are mostly used to surf the Internet, to play games and for some, to watch movies. So, is this all about iPad? Certainly not. iPads are used as communicator in exchanging SMS and once such kind of app for iPad is Real SMS. As, the name defines Real SMS offers SMS from your iPad to be send to mobile phones around the world using the WiFi connection.

Real sms for iPad

Few things I found that makes the app worth of buying

  • A very simple user interface
  • Messages are received via email and optionally you can receive SMS  on your mobile phone.
  • The sent message goes to the receiver as standard message, so they don’t require a smartphone or an IM client to receive the SMS
  • Detailed SMS history using SMS Global

Real SMS is very easy to use as I said and it uses your WiFi connection for sending and receiving SMS. So when you send message through your iPad, the receiver gets a reply number to respond to your SMS and then it reaches your email, which you entered while signing up. Alternatively you can set to receive messages on your mobile phone, this really sounds good!

The app uses SMS Global to send messages, so the app users has to sign up an account and buy some SMS credits, thankfully SMS Global offers 25 free credits on sign up, which values to the cost of the app. So using SMS Global you can check outgoing SMS report to know whether its delivered and additionally you get various other options.

Finally, if you think about purchasing credits, its definitely worth of buying, which comes with a detailed SMS history. I found the app does what it means to do, along with a easy to use interface and my words – go for it, if you have the WiFi iPad.

Cost: $1.99

Download from iTunes

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