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Accessing your system from mobile devices has become easy now. A Virtual Network Computing (VNC) app made it possible.

Getting connected to my PC from iPad has always been a headache for me. I was looking for a solution, that didn’t make things more complicated. Remoter, the universal app for iOS, gave me some relief. I installed it to my iPad and found it easy to connect my Windows PC. It is a real surprise for me! It also works well for Mac and Linux. So there is no need to buy a separate app for each platform.


This is an user friendly app, so you need not have to be a techie to use it. If you need help, there is a nine pages in-app manual to guide you. I have been using this app for sometime and one amazing feature I notice is, it doesn’t crash and make me annoyed. Some servers don’t support direct input mode and Remoter has German and Russian keyboard layouts for this. Users can also add new keyboards as they become available.

It has so many features for $1 and it is a must have for the users who want to be interconnected with their systems. I must admit that without much knowledge about VNC, users can be benefited from Remoter. It is only 2.3MB and doesn’t demand much memory to run. Remoter 1.801 is available now and it has new retina art for New and Start.

This app serves me better than I expect. I have already used some VNCs and find it to be the best. It is accurate, smooth, quick and cheap. It will be a great deal if you buy it now for this throwaway price. If you need a VNC app now, you can certainly try Remoter. This app is compatible with iOS 3.1 or later and works well on iPhone and iPod Touch too.

Rating: 4.5 /5

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