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Mental Block is a puzzle game driven by specific gravity assigned to the particles. The game is about clearing the physical properties that appears on the screen using gravitational force assigned to certain particles. So not a easy game to be played in few attempts, try until you sharpen your brain.

mental block for iPad

The game is about en-lighting your thinking skills to clear the particles from the screen in a well designed visual interface. The graphics isn’t that impressive but it well suits the concept of the game. Adding life to the game was its mild music making the game more playable. The game isn’t just playing, it also includes an editor where you can create your own puzzles and save it, quite an interesting feature.

Playing the game for more than 30 minutes you probably get out of it. The reason being the dull gameplay and this game doesn’t suit for those who like some excitement in games and this is not the game for them. So if you like puzzles then go for it, you might find this app better than other puzzle app developed for the iPad.

Cost: $1.99 (Offer Price)

Rating: 3.5/5
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