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Fun Filled Game-Stick Run Mobile

Has it ever occurred to you? To feel like being chased by something you don’t know even know or doesn’t even exist? Whether you have or not, either way, it’s fun to run, and Stick Run Mobile proves that to be nothing but right!

Fun Filled Game-Stick Run Mobile
The Inception of Stick Run Mobile:

Who says you can’t make a name for yourself at a fairly young age? A 16-year old German boy named Manuel Otto had contrived a really big hit for a simple yet challenging game. It’s called Stick Run Mobile, a title that has been known throughout the globe with over 40 million likes and 6 million users on a monthly basis. And now, it’s made available for the iOS for your own grabbing.

How it works:

Looks can be deceiving. The mechanics of the game may be easy, but overcoming the challenges are much harder than thought. There is a wide spectrum of obstacles – may it be single crates, going through to a stack that will deluge your venture to a sluggish path, or glass panes and swirling saw blades, or all at certain levels! After all, where’s the excitement without the challenge, right?

Modes of Playing:

Whether you like to ride solo or hang out as a group, the game has it all for your preferences. Play the game at different modes:

* Single Player Challenge
* Duel Mode with a Friend
* A Cluster of 4 Challenge

Beat each level and earn points. Advance to different levels, shop for boosters that will increase your odds of overcoming each obstacle. Your character also levels up as you advance through the game – from being a Noob, you can become a Winner. By collecting a certain amount of coins, you can gain the title of being Mega Rich. You can check for these statuses and more in the Achievements section right from the menu screen.

Stick Run Mobile-Entertainment app for iPad

Additional Features:

* A newly developed 2-thumb-mounting for the game
* International leaderboard to be kept abreast with the game’s hierarchy of ruling players
* A bunch load of new and exciting challenges to face!
* An online support team that will attend to all your concerns regarding the game, particularly major tips in playing the game for a much better conclusion per level.

The latest version 1.0.2 is now out, too. All the game fixes have been applied and no bugs are to be expected anymore. So, get the Stick Run Mobile app for you iPad and see for yourself that mastering the game is one thing and simply playing it is another. Enjoy!

Price: $1.99

Rating: 4/5
Download from iTunes

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