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Just getting out from some regular iPad games and apps I had a chance to roll my eyes on Screenwriting an iPad app that best fits to a story writer. The developer of Screenwriting Web 2 Mobile Design brings a different concept with this app where users can simply handle their masterpiece work efficiently.

screenwriting iPad app review

So what’s Screenwriting does on your 7 inch iDevice is simple, but something looks deviated from the regular apps. The writing screen comes with a landscape mode which enables writing from where you tapped and a portrait mode where a slider comes across to enable navigation through the app. The app just allows exporting your screenplays to desktop and you can also import the already written files to the app. The files keeps a .fdx format which lets you to proceed with your screenplay with any other desktop screenwriting applications.

screenwriting ipad app

There is options to change the style, adding a note, editing the written work etc. A search box on the left makes you to navigate through the story based on your query. You can simple create scenes, characters and add any pictures to your character lists. Once you have done with your writing works you can simply keep a backup for your work by sending a mail.

Screenwriting is available on the app store for a price tag of $2.99.

Rating: 4/5

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