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Home Books Seasons and I – An Interactive Storybook that Teaches Kids About Seasons

Seasons And I

Every child loves to read or listen to stories. In this electronic age where books can be downloaded onto your smart device, you can easily find plenty of storybook apps for kids on the App Store. With abundant creative graphics and interactive learning games, storybook apps offer both learning and entertainment. If you have a kid at home, here is one storybook app for the iPad you might want to purchase. Seasons and I is an app that comes with a a great story and gorgeous animation.

 Seasons And I

Seasons and I is a fun-filled app that has many exciting puzzles to solve. Your kid can unleash his creativity and artistic skills by painting/coloring the pictures in the app. You can create your own book using the images from the personal gallery and pictures that you have colored. You are also free to create your own puzzles and your own unique story.

Seasons and I has a storybook named ‘Autumn’. The app features a little boy/girl named Mary/John (depending on your choice). You can also personalize the storybook by setting your name as the name of the character. You can read the story by yourself by swiping through the animated pages. The story is about a child who gets lost in the woods. A wolf named Sirko helps him reach home safely. On the way, the kid learns many things about the forest.

At the bottom of the app’s screen you will find a list of mini games associated with each page. The app offers many activities where you can gather supplies for the squirrel and hedgehog and pat the beaver and dog, change the bunny’s clothes and listen to the squelching sound of the river. The characterization of the wolf and other animals are funny. The app has got stunning animation and sound effects. It has an intuitive user interface. The app teaches kids about autumn season, how animals hibernate, how beavers prepare for winter and much more. The app is suitable for kids below 7.

Seasons And I

If the music had been a little louder and natural it would have been more aesthetic. The lack of voiced narration was something I found a bit disappointing. The app occupies a lot of memory space on my phone and it took quite a while to download.

Seasons and I costs $2.99 and requires iOS 5.1 or later versions. You can purchase the Winter storybook for $3.99. The Spring and Summer story books are said to be coming soon.

Price: $4.99

Rating: 4/5

Download from iTunes

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