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SiOutlook iPad app

SiOutlook is an amazing app for your iPad and iPhone which you can use to download emails, keep them organized in folders, save attachments in a modern user interface from where you can search files, create photos, videos and audios and send them to your friends with absolute ease.

SiOutlook iPad app


Why should you opt for SiOutlook?

You will no longer need the web browser to access your Yahoo, Gmail and Microsoft Outlook account.You easily will be able to compose, reply, send and forward mails.You will be able to read and even download folders and emails, and sub-folders of Yahoo, Gmail and other accounts.You will be able to open PDF, CSV, XLS, RTF, DOCX, DOC, TGA, video, audio and other files.It is perfect for portrait and landscape mode for iPad and also iPhone.You will be able to access all your contacts from Yahoo, Gmail and also Facebook address book.You will be able to send emails to your friends from SiOutlook and they will get displayed as messages in your friends’ Facebook account.

These are just few reasons, and there are many more which you will get to explore once you start using this amazing app.

SiOutlook has many interesting features, which makes it a great option for one and all.

A Simple User Interface:

SiOutlook’s simple user interface makes it immensely attractive. It has few buttons towards the left, using which the users can easily switch through each of the sections of the app – outgoing and incoming e-mails, trashcan, drafts, attachments and options. Just with swipe and touch gestures users can send emails, check attachments before forwarding them, add new contacts and more.

SiOutlook for iPad



This is a very useful section SiOutlook offers. When the user receives an email with attachment he can view it and also save it in the Attachment section and re-use it to later send it to others. Other files from the users’ iPad/iPhone software management like iTunes and photo can be stored in the attachments section.


Notes can be created inside SiOutlook with great ease. These notes can be hand-written by using fingers as pencil or can be textual. The pencil colors can be customized, and images too can be inserted.


Using the calendar section you can plan events. You will be notified about them through standard iOS notification even if the app is in the background. On single tap the notification will show complete details.

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Filterable Address Book:

With SiOutlook you can store your friend list in an organized address book. The address book allows you to filter friend list by e-mail address or name, and you can save basic details for your contacts including main info, office info and residence info.

SiOutlook has become immensely popular owing to it being fast, efficient and easy to use. You too must try it and enjoy all the conveniences it offers.

Price: $2.99

Rating: 4/5

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