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I am quite afraid on Facebook’s official iPad app which looks uncertain after many months from the launch of iPad. It really looks odd, as some use Facebook iPhone app to update their Facebook status. But now its time to change and gear ourself for the official Facebook iPad app look alike Social iPad app. Social is a necessary iPad app for Facebook freaks, who love to show their presence always.

social for the iPad app review
I still remember the time, when I was not able to remove the posts that comes up in the feed, since Safari doesn’t support hover effect. But thats not the case anymore. With Social, I can delete all the unwanted posts that comes on my feed. Thank God, those mafia war feeds are annoying and now I can remove that. The app brings up all the necessary features in the iPad, but it lacks a main features. First let me talk about the best features of Social.

Social has separate tab for News Feed, Favorites, Profile, Friends, Notifications, Messages and more. Uploading photos is quite easy and really help us to stay updated with our Facebook friends.

Besides the better side, Social has some disappoints too. The app has got a recent update to fix previous version bugs, but even still a white pop-up appears when we tap on the profile tab. Then, there is no Facebook chat to stay in touch with your friends. Other than these, Social has a wider approach to Facebook accessing from your iPad.

Cost: $1.99

Rating: 3.5/5

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