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I have to spend a lot of time traveling from work to home these days, as our roads are congested with cars, trucks and other vehicles. I needed a GPS app badly to track these things and got Speed Tracker for my iPad.

Speed Tracker is a GPS app that has a trip calculator with it. The first thing I noticed about this app is its design and then the controls of course. It has just a few controls in the home screen and all those things are displayed in the center of the iPad. I think the developers wanted to make it easy to access these controls, while driving. ‘Heads-up Display’ (HUD) is another driver friendly feature that will help seeing the speed of the car in the windshield. iPad should be placed in front of the windshield to get the data in the right position.


The ‘Map’ section of the app gives the Google Map with GPS and displays the speed and duration of your travel. By switching to navigation mode, users can check their current position on the map. It helps them when they travel to unknown places. ‘Trip’ gives users detail statistics they need about their travel like stopped time and maximum speed. They can get them in meters as well as kilometers. Speed Tracker will export all these trip data in CSV, KML and GPX format, if you want. You can share them in Facebook and Twitter straight from the app.

If you travel a lot, then you need an GPS app like Speed Tracker in your iPad. I think, one should appreciate the developer’s intention to provide all the much needed feature in one app. This app is currently available at a special price of $0.99. So if you want it, get it before the end of summer.

Rating: 4/ 5

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