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Home Productivity Spiritual Bliss Magazine: A Rich Guide To Inner Satisfaction

Spiritual Bliss Magazine is a new type of electronic-based guide dedicated specifically to those who achieve inner satisfaction. The magazine touches a variety of topics such as the way to achieving self-love, affirmations that can lead to the alignment of mind and body or tricks for releasing inner chakra. All these are compelled into a fully intuitive and interactive format. In other words, users get to feel exactly as they do when reading a high-quality magazine article in paper format. Some of the application’s highlights include:

Inspirational High-Resolution Photographs And Movies:

Besides the fact that each article is written in magazine format exactly as one would be expected to read on paper, there are also some bonus elements which are possible only via a native application. These include top-notch zommable photographs as well as embedded videos for certain articles. This maximizes user interaction and leads to the creation of a more positive reading environment.


Spiritual Bliss Magazine for iPad


A New Approach To Happiness and Enlightenment:

Those choosing to subscribe to the virtual magazine will get to rejoice from reading articles which detail all points of view for enlightenment and happiness. Topics such as marriage, fortune, kids and traveling are all debated and analyzed by reputable contributors. Furthermore, readers will gain access to an exclusive section providing dedicated tips and advices for overcoming problem and achieving success in life.

All About Inner Meditation:

Some articles featured in Spiritual Bliss Magazine can be considered a great guide for those exploring the mysteries of meditation and karma. Some ancient techniques for well-being are explained in-depth along with practical pictures showcasing every stage of the process. Experts in Zen habits and Yoga provide some insight on how perfect peace can be achieved through meditation. They encourage users to spend at least 10 minutes daily performing these rituals in order to purify their body and minds.

Affirmations That Can Lead To More Happiness, Confidence and Money:

Those familiar with Law of Attraction will find a great ally in the form of Spiritual Bliss Magazine. The app comes complete with a serious of affirmations meant to boost the confidence of individuals as well as their happiness levels on the long term. Some affirmations are also pointed towards those who have problems with money or love, being able to focus persons on the necessary means of achieving their goals. This is possible through an easy 7-step process which is explained right in the app.


iPad Spiritual Bliss Magazine App



Overall, Spiritual Bliss Magazine is a must-have for those interested in boosting their inner life and meditation levels. It comes with plenty of practical tips and advices as well as spot-on interaction powered by high-resolution photos and videos. Quality tutoring from experts is also assured in various fields including Astrology, Chakra opening, Yoga meditation and more.

Price: $2.99
Rating: 4.5/5

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