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Slashtop Remote Desktop is another remote access app to control your Windows machine. The app was developed by DeviceVM and they have done some pretty fine job to bring touch experience to your computer. I must say it really nice to operate Windows 7 on my iPad, somewhat it looks like a windows powered tablet. The apps make use of the iPad native 1024×768 resolution to fully view the screen. Splashtop has multiple gesture controls to make necessary mouse actions.

splashtop remote desktop ipad app review

If I am not wrong, Splashtop Remote Server is the first remote iPad app to have full support for audio and video. But despite this feature, the video quality while watching movies. I am not sure whether the sluggishness is due to the computer performance. So, the output may vary with respect to the computer’s performance. Other than that, the keyboard does offer some basic functions, so we can’t conclude this app to be a complete game changer, atleast for missing out necessary keyboard commands.

When compared with other remote access apps, Splashtop Remote Desktop offers a little less functions. However, if the developer brings an update to add the missing feature, its sure to be the best remote access app.

Cost: $6.99

Rating: 3.5/5

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