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I have been using an app named Yapert on my iPhone for nearly a week and find the experience to be awesome. The app gives you information on things you love, while you connect, chat, make new friends, and share in the fun with people all over the globe. The app gives you so many options that you can choose from and provides you with advanced filter preferences such as celebrities, lifestyle, health and fitness, music, sports, style and beauty.

Yapert for Your iPad

Depending on your choices you can narrow down your feeds. As soon as you open the app you get to choose your options and voila! Your screen is filled with posts and feeds about celebs, fitness tips, and lifestyle. You find all the information on one single page and you can just go on and on reading it. Seriously, I can’t put it down. 🙂

On your ‘trending’ screen you have posts from all categories put together, giving you a wide view of everything that’s happening around you. Next comes the ‘favorites’ section that gives you posts of categories that you have specifically chosen. I, for one, love to get instant news and updates on my favorite celebs, and Yapert keeps me on track all the time. Well, there’s more to Yapert than just reading and gathering information. Your favorite posts can be commented on, stacked and saved as memories, or you can share the fun with friends through messages, and even invite them to comment on them too!

iPad Yapert - Favorite Celebrity App

Besides this, you also get to access an exclusive page of your favorite celebs on which you can follow fans and make friends with people who like the same page as you! You can also connect to Facebook and invite your friends to join the fun. Yapert gives you first-hand information, letting you catch the action happening behind the scenes, from your very home on your mobile!

Price: Free
Rating: 4.5/5


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