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Two days ago when I came home from work, Kelly my daughter of two was very engrossed playing a new game on the iPad. She brought it up to me and introduced me to some of her new friends. The game was “ Sticky Mosaics Butterflies” something that her big bother Kevin downloaded for her on my iPad, to get her out of his way of course. As soon as I walked through the door she ran to me all excited and sat me down on the couch and made sure that I had all her attention.

She then brought out the iPad which had all these colors on it with a lot of glittering stuff on the page, which even caught my eye. Kelly then patiently introduced me to the little characters that were on the screen and told me a little story on each of them. She offcourse has different names for each of them, that changes everyday along with the story. I could see that she was very excited about it, and too my surprise, I was excited too.

I wouldn’t exaggerate that it was interesting as I’m a woman in her 20’s, but with Kelly by my side the colors and the pictures come alive. It was exciting, and interesting spending time with her and listening to her stories. Her imagination surprised me. There are actually four different tabs that you can work on with four different pictures on it, she would bring them all together making a story that interlinks it. Now that was just wonderful, I could spend a whole day sitting with her and playing with the mosaic butterflies. I also use this opportunity to teach her numbers, as every jewel on the screen has a separate number that fixes on to that particular space. This is like something that makes your child learn while they play, I feel this is useful.

As far as Kelly is concerned, it helps her build her own imagination, learn her numbers and also helps her open up to me, I can literally see what’s going on in her mind, because she makes up stories based on her day, if she had a quarrel with Kevin that day her stories would be sad. So this app is something that has helped me build a bond with Kelly, helps her in working on her creativity, and probably one of the best ways to get your child to learn numbers too.

The app is very simple and easy to use, the app is fun on it’s own and any kid would have their own vision and imagination on the app based on what’s going on in their mind. There are four different pictures that your baby can work on. Each picture comes up with different characters, if your baby is too small probably you could make up your own stories using the characters and make the experience even more exciting, or probably you could start off a story and ask your child to continue on it and see where he/she takes it from there.

Completing the picture is like joining the dots, there are numbers for each jewel and a “1” would fix only in the position of a “1”. So it’s very simple and once your done, the butterfly comes alive, that’s the scene that I always do not want to miss, for it lights up Kelly’s face no matter how many times she experiences it. The feature that I love is when the butterfly comes to rest on your finger when you hold still. The app is wonderful and along with Kelly I’ve grown to love it too, I cannot explain how I feel when my two year old gets all excited with all its features, and the stories, oh gosh!!! I hope this feeling never stops. Try it, I wish you have the opportunity to experience the same. I’ve added a video to help you get to know the app better.

Price: $2.99

Rating: 4/5

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