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Home Books StoriesAlive iPad App Review – Sea of Tales for Your Toddler

StoriesAlive is an app for tablets whose main concept is to provide the largest and most interesting collecting of various different children stories. This app could help them with reading and they are able to choose from a wide variety of various library books. All of the available books are very interactive and appropriate for children that are 3-8 years old. By using this application your child can easily access many classic stories that could create an imaginary and fun world for him, or her to fully enjoy.

StoriesAlive for Kids

The app has a really great and valuable collection of bestseller classic books which are greatly to introduce for children of young age. These stories can certainly be fully personalized for them, and when they personalize those stories, they can also change voice and the text of it.

By using it most of the children could learn to read very well and efficiently, since it can also be set up for auto reading and learning of the proper vocabulary. This application is also constantly improved and updated, so you are assured that once you download it, you will be always notified when new upgrade comes. Most of the upgrades comes with various glitch and bugs improvements, and most importantly with a great expansion of their library full of appropriate children story books.

It fully features an extremely large collection of award winning and supremely interactive stories for children and it firstly comes with 6 free trial stories. So, with carefully assessed and selected stories from award winning children authors, it can safely be said that StoriesAlive is one of the best available apps for children’s fun reading and learning.


Once stories that you selected are being downloaded on tablet library, you will also need a proper Internet connection for later access. Just encourage your child to read more, and he will thoroughly enjoy it since it is full of great interactive children books. Whole app has approximately 60 MB of space.

Overall Rating and Availability:

This is a free application for download and it comes with 6 free stories. In order to access the complete selection that is consisted of hundreds of various and fully interesting titles for your child, you will need to subscribe for their service. But, that service is certainly not expensive at all, since it is only a couple of dollars and by subscribing you are provided with books that would probably cost you hundreds of dollars in ordinary library.

App is easily available through iTunes or Googleplay by just few easy clicks, and since app is completely appropriate and useful for young children we can only rate it with highest rating possible.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

Download from iTunes

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