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The Perfect App For Reading to Your Kids and Helping Them Learn to Read

While smart devices make great kids’ entertainment, parents still find that reading children stories is one of the most rewarding parts of parenting. Story Time For Kids (iOS, Free) is a great app in this regard, with parents loving its features designed to help them read stories to their children, while helping kids learn to read. Download from a variety of free and paid books and help your children become better readers through classics and great new stories on the app.

Book for child story

While having content is important, quality is even more so, especially with kids’ apps. The books include adorable graphics that kids will love, and the app comes with a variety of games and activities that relate to the lessons in the book. The user is presented with two options: “read to my child” or “read myself” mode which can help new readers along in learning adventures on their own. There’s even a greeting card designer with characters from the stories so kids can make greeting cards based on what they’ve read!

A free app !

Story Time For Kids is a great app, and most of all, it’s fun for both kids and parents. If you’re a parent, Story Time For Kids belongs in your collection.

Verdict: Story Time For Kids gets better and better with each upgrade, and there’s a world of wonder for children learning to read and parents who want to spend quality time reading to their children. Easily expandable, the activities alone are worth the download, but there is so much more it’s a learning ecosystem all its own.

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