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Note taking requires using a pen and paper. While being conventional, it is also not the fastest way to save important notes. With mobile apps like Super Note: Recorder, Notes, Memos, Photos, taking notes and memos is going to be a breeze.

Super Note iPad app

App Overview:

Designed by Clear Sky Apps LTD, this iPad note app is also available for other Apple devices as long as they are running on iOS 6 or later. It lets users take notes while taking the features up the next level by adding photos. Available at $2.99, this app extends a long list of features everyone needs.


The iPad note app from Clear Sky offers a long list of features designed for digital note-taking tasks.

Type Notes – Users can type text notes using certain templates that categorize the memos into colors or topics. It also lets image and recording integration and offers spell check on top of being a remarkable text editor. Viewing text notes is also easy, as users simply need to swipe to switch notes for reading.

Recordings – Recording can be completed while the device is locked and still ensure high quality output. It can be integrated to text notes and playback while typing. Simultaneously record and take photos for efficient note-taking.

Auto-Organized – Organize your notes according to your preferences by sorting them according to name, date and categories. Search notes easier within the device while changing template is very convenient.

Photos – Place photos within the note by capturing them using the built-in camera simultaneously while typing or recording notes. Auto-attach pictures to the notes from the library.

Reminders and Alerts – Set reminders like pop up alerts when the mobile app is closed.

Super Note - Recorder

Security – Protect your notes by setting up passcodes.

Sending and Sharing Files – Send and share your notes using various means like Dropbox, email or through WiFi. Share them to whomever you want to by setting up the sharing procedures.


Perfect App for Everyone – Due to the app’s features, this is ideal for every type of user like students, lecturers, office employees, and others.

Color-Coded App – You will never get lost in your notes as you can organize them through color-coded tabs. Set your code and you will immediately find your needed notes within the device.

Overall, this iPad note app possesses all the features that you need in taking digital notes efficiently and in an organized manner. Take advantage of its note-taking features, especially if you need them daily.

Price: $2.99

Rating: 4/5

Download from iTunes

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