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Kids Spies Adventures Story App

Finally there’s a new way to teach kids words in a more captivating way. You see, children tend to learn quickly when stories are accompanied by great pictures, especially pictures in motion. They hear, then see and digest the information. When this happens over time, they learn and accumulate a huge vocabulary of words in a relatively short period of time.


Kids Spies Adventures Story App

Thanks to TouchActionApps Inc, the developer behind iOS app Super-Spies Adventures. This app teaches kids new English words in story form, and most importantly, the audio feature lets them follow the storyline. It’s a great storytelling app for kids of all ages.

The Theme/Concept:

It all begins when Martha and Sam are being tucked away in bed by their dad. As soon as that happens, they sneak into the Super-Spies Adventures world. The two receive critical information at their headquarter about Dr. Pinkeye’s plot to steal pet food. Dr. Pinkeye has many evil plans against the world, and someone must stop him in order to save the world. It’s the duty of both Martha and Sam to stop him from executing his evil plans.

App Features:

This app is meant for kids, and that means it has to come with attractive features to keep them engaged enough. Outstanding features include coloring pages for each graphic to make children entertained throughout the story. These visually-attractive pages can easily be saved into a photo album.

Interactive Bedtime Story Book App

* This iPhone app comes with a read-out-loud audio feature that automatically plays as the story runs, so the kids can learn while they hear and see the pictures responding.
* The developers put more focus on kid’s first 100 words. This feature was meant to quicken their learning process at this stage. Learning the first 100 words is critical here, because it marks the foundation for mastering English words.
* Interactive Character Voices: This iOS app concentrates on engaging kids through interactive character voices. The feature synchronizes well with moving pictures.
* Follow-along texts on screen: When kids see the words moving along on the screen with pictures, they tend to relate them with what’s happening. Again that’s the quickest way of learning.
* Storybook Coloring Pages: This feature ensures that kids participate in the story being told, and this motivates them to keep following the storyline.

Adventures Story Coloring Pages App


So far, we could say the app is great in terms of usability. Super Spies Adventure has managed to garner an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and that’s because it’s just ideal for its category. Kids can now learn from their iPhone using the most interactive app geared towards sharpening their knowledge of words and imagination.

Design and Application:

This app was designed for both iPhone and iPad devices. It runs on iOS 6.0 or later. However, those with iPhone 5 can also play it too. It’s a great storybook app that reads stories page by page. So it’s something parents can bank on.


Super Spies Adventure lets kids learn at their free time, in the most appropriate manner. It’s an app that parents must get for their kids if they want them to master their first 100 English words, and even expand their vocabulary of words. The app can be downloaded at iTunes for a very pocket-friendly price.

Price: $0.99
Rating: 4.5/5

Download from iTunes

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