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Well, what can I say about this app? The word that I’m looking for is…., “astounding”, yes that’s right. The app is beyond compare, its fabulous. You want to know why?, then you’ll have to read on.

For any individual who loves to read, this is something that you need to get a hold of right away. The app is beneficial to all types of readers and suits all ages. Personally, it serves me good when I have to travel, gets me out of trouble with my wife- “ Well she hates to see all my magazines lying around in the living room and the bed room”, then the most important of all is, it’s safe and secure from my baby who likes to tear anything that she gets in hand.

The app is just wonderfully created in way making it self sufficient, you know how we have to look for two or three apps to read different kinds of documents, like one for pdf’s, another for magazine’s and another for books all of which is a big confusion. Well its time to put an end to chaos and keep just one for all. Yes! With tablisto’s features you can read any kind of document that you want using a single app.

So as I was saying, this is an excellent app and you’ll be able to see what I mean when you try out the app. I’ll give you a brief insight on what it does and also a video to show you what I mean. To start off with, you have to first download the app, and its free offcourse, then you could either subscribe for magazines from within the app itself or you could choose to do it through the individual magazine websites itself.

Next after you have subscribed for the magazine, it would literally drop on your doorstep, for their’s a door mat portrayed on the app, now all you need to do is download the magazine and it would appear on your coffee table. Now its ready for you to read. The best part of the app experience is that, unlike regular reading from books and magazines you could have a better look into the magazine that you read with in a few minutes. And when I say better look I really mean it, yes! There’s this feature that helps you zoom into pictures that helps you get a closer look at the picture, then there’s a scrollbar below which looks like a magnifine glass that gives you a quick look of whats available on every page as you scroll it across the screen, and remain on the same page.

There’s another interesting feature which amazes me, that’s the “video view” as I call it. If you download magazines that have a little TV icon on its picture, you could tap on it and see the video of what your reading. Now that’s something that you don’t find in a book. I just love the experience, it gives me more information than I can ever receive from a book or magazine on paper. And you could also create a library where you could store your books and magazines so you could access the previous reviews when ever want. You could also download the magazines or books that you frequently read to your desktop for immediate access.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

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