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Air Camera for Apple TV

As with many iPhone, iPad, and or iPod users, it’s becoming more common to utilize the mobile devices for the purpose of taking pictures and uploading them on the go or to different social or other electronic devices. In the past, it may have been a challenge to then transfer such images to a larger screen for larger viewing pleasure. Well worry no more. A solution is here specifically for apple device users.

Air Camera for Apple TV

At only $0.99, Air Camera + Live Streaming For Camera and Voice by Power App GmbH is the perfect solution. You will love the capabilities of this app. This app will allow you to stream pictures and sound from your apple device to AppleTV live. Don’t worry, all bugs with the previous version have been corrected. However keep in mind, it is also recommended to have your many devices updated to the current version to ensure optimal function.

Here are the features you are sure to enjoy with this creative app designed to take your pictures to the next level:

* The ability to stream pictures live to your AppleTV
* The ability to stream sound live to your AppleTV
* The sound that’s streamed will come directly from the microphone on your device
* The ability to utilize the camera from you apple devices as a streaming device
* You can achieve live streaming from your front or back camera
* The ability to record and save the various live streams you create
* You can add different effects to your live stream in real time
* You can be creative and change the image of your streams to sephia, grey, or cartoon

The screen shots are clear and the transfer of the image during the live stream is seamless. It’s a very user friendly app, so much so, your children can even use the app for live streaming. This app has very little complication if any. It’s also been recommended to ensure your device is compatible with AirPlay to ensure maximum functionality. Again, always take advantage of the latest updates.

Air Camera-Live Pictures from Camera to Apple TV

You are not alone when considering the download of this app. As a matter of fact, you are slightly behind. There are several users enjoying this app and the live feed to their AppleTV. Here’s what they are saying:

* My kids absolutely love this app. It’s so user friendly and a great way to view our pictures right away.
* The app works like a charm. I enjoy the creativity afforded while I’m using the camera live. Excellent!
* I can’t say enough about this app. Superb creation.

Price: $0.99

Rating: 4/5

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