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If you enjoy being challenged by endless puzzles and mind blowing adventure, then this is the app you have been waiting for. You will embark on a fantasy filled journey like never before. Dragon Puzzle, by APPOP Limited, is the perfect adventure is you are seeking constant challenge in the form of puzzles and battle.

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The visual component of this app has been uniquely designed to keep you fully engaged. The colors alone are so captivating, you will surely have an unmatched gaming experience once you download this app. The design and the detail placed into creating each character and every element to make it unique, is truly something to mention.

Don’t worry about a fee. This app brings you top notch adventure for FREE. You will be able to compete at a level beyond the basics with in-app purchase opportunities. The in-app options affords you the opportunity to purchase additional gems to help you defeat the enemy at your current level. The range you can expect to spend to advance your battling efforts range from $0.99 – $59.99.

It’s almost impossible to get bored while playing this app. You will have access to over 200 card options to keep your mind guessing while traveling the fantasy land. The battles are exciting, so exciting you will surely become addicted.

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There’s additional features you can expect to discover when you download this app to include:

* Challenging puzzles to play
* Endless options for weapons
* The ability to create and build your own level of power as you advance throughout the game
* As you advance, you can collect additional characters to help you succeed in future battles
* Utilize other players to form alliances to take on the enemies
* Share your experience with the millions of players just like you online
* Invite your friends who enjoy online gaming experiences
* Even the most novice user can master this game, as the overall interface is very user friendly
* Tutorial information for any questions
* You are sure to have a ton of fun

You will appreciate the updates with this version to include the ability to change your character icon along with screen shot optimization. You will need to ensure your iPhone devices is updated with iOS version 4.3 or greater to guarantee an optimal experience. The best gaming experience will occur with the version update on the iPhone 5. You can also download the app on your iPod, iPod touch, or iPad. A very important technical feature to note; the internet is required to enjoy this gaming experience.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

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