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As children we have read and seen many stories, stories from Rapunzel, to Goldilocks and many more, they all visited our dreams when we were little and we have also experienced the feeling of a loss every time a good story came to an end. It was like loosing a dear friend.

I was very much fond of fairy tales when I was a child, more than reading them in a book with pictures, the thing that I loved to do was watch them in action. Every time Disney came out with a movie on a story that I loved, I made sure I got in on a CD for my personal collection.

Off course now things have changed, and children of today have better opportunities, talking about opportunities, this weekend I got a new app downloaded onto my iPad for my son. He’s five and not much of a reader, I just couldn’t get him to read a story, even at bed time.

I was beginning to worry for all he could think about is playing and playing and playing, and guess what was his play mate?, my new iPad. I thought that it was important to get him introduced to it so he’ll be able to cope up with technology as he grows, for the way things are going they’ll probably have flying cars when he’s 20.God knows what else.

Its good that he’s able to handle technology really well, but as a kid I also want him to experience the thing I had as a child, the memories of stories, games and books and many more that I wouldn’t want him to miss. I was discussing things with my sister this weekend and she told me about the new app “Tale Never Told” for iPad’s.

“Tale Never Told” is like an animated book where kids can have an experience of touching the objects in the scene and move it around on the screen as they read, making it even more interesting. There’s even more, as you read into the story there are games that you can play which would lead you to the next page to continue with the story. Now that was the feature that captured my little baby’s heart, this along with the animated pictures, moving scenes and the colored high resolution pictures got him entrapped. Now there’s no going to sleep without a story. I do hope that they come up with many more apps like these really soon, before this story ends so I can get my little boy into the practice of reading.

Price: $5.99

Rating: 4/5

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