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Gone are the days, when you need to sit along with your child and teach them fractions. Now you don’t have to do it again. Fraction Monkey is there to teach mathematical fractions to your child.

Fraction Monkey

When you think you don’t want to bore your child, but you also want you child to enjoy gaming. Then Fraction Monkey is for you. The app from Math Game Time who has also given other free math games.

In order to add two fractions, your kid has to do all sorts of mathematical computations. So just by aiming and hitting the right answer for just two fractions you are indirectly teaching all basic mathematics. Which is provided in a game like environment.

The apps UI is simple and the help section has all the details about the game. Though they might have gone for the ‘Angry Birds’ theme as it is famous among kids. They could have tried some other gaming environment on their own.

As an educational app it achieves its purpose. I would suggest this app for kids who struggle with fractions in mathematics. Just give it a shot and see how effective it is.

Price: $2.99

Rating: 3.5/ 4

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