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The Bible for children: Abraham, a friend of God By Bedtime Stories, tells us the story of Abraham and his lineage. This is one of the best apps that I have seen so far, in this genre.

The Bible for children Abraham a friend of God

This app tells about, how was the friendship between Abraham and God. What God revealed to Abraham about his generation – Jacob, Joseph and the twelve tribes of Israel. The app has portrayed a picture of God putting his hand over Abraham’s shoulder, which symbolically represent that, God was his friend.

The app has been specifically designed for kids. They have presented the contents in a kids friendly way. Each character has a cute face and they have put up the contents, which form the skeleton of the story, along with the moral which the kids can learn easily. Especially the stars that God shows to Abraham has been portrayed as a growing plant having them, which symbolically represent the family of Abraham growing like the stars of the sky. Thats a great art work, hats off to the app’s designers. They have developed two more apps, From Creation to Adam & Eve, another one about Noah’s Story

The user interface is very simple and cute. This app is really useful for parents, who finds it difficult to narrate the bible stories to kids, in a way they could understand it easily. Even I enjoyed reading it again and again. This app is far more valuable than its price.

Price: $2.99

Rating: 5/ 5

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