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Cloud Factory App

The Cloud Factory is an iPad app developed by Dalmatian Studios. At the end of the story, among the acknowledgements for help is also included the Master of Fine Arts Illustration Program from The Fashion Institute of Technology. The Cloud Factory app is an animated picture book for children that promote awareness of the fascinating nature of clouds.


Cloud Factory App


The app target the parents who want to introduce their kids to the world of technology and use iPad as the modern mean to read educative stories to their kids. The application provides some fanciful answers to children at the age of inquisitive questions. The Cloud Factory reinvents the way children read and listen to stories as the application engages them to participate in a compelling interactive story. In the story a grandfather teaches his young granddaughter how clouds are made.

The main character of the e-book is Luna. The stories are presented in crisp black and white and accompanied by smooth jazz music. The application capture the children’ imagination without the use of colors and allow them to feel the movement of the story. Superimposed images of the passing landscape slide across the screen as Luna rides the train to her Grandpa. It’s giving the feeling that you are watching the girl through a train window.


iPad Cloud Factory App


Children will be delighted with the activities and adventures of Luna as she gathers ingredients to make clouds. As they load a wagon with supplies your child will discover that making clouds involves a bit of cow tipping, a hide and seek in a cotton filed, and a huge puff of flour. There is a surprise cooking method involved and your kid can help making clouds with interactions such as shaking to mix, tipping to pour, touch actions to stir the ingredients.

Children will follow Luna and will interact with the story by performing various actions on the iPad to move forward, gather the ingredients of cloud making and bring them to the Cloud Factory. The application offers all the elements of a classic picture book for children with 2D illustrations with the extra flavor of iPad interactive technology.


Cloud Factory App on iPad


The Cloud Factory offers a free section that will allow your kid to get to the factory. For the complete story it’s necessary to purchase the application. The full price is very affordable. You can download The Cloud Factory worldwide through the Entertainment category of the App Store.

We greatly recommend The Cloud Factory to all parents who want to expand their children’s horizon beyond the classic reading and picture books with a fun and interactive iPad app.

Price: $1.99
Rating: 4.5/5

Download from iTunes

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