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What Is The App All About ?

The Great War 100 By Scott Addington is an education app about World War I.


What Is Unique About The App ?

  • This is the first educational app that I have seen about the WW I.

  • It provides lots of information about the first world war.

  • You have details about decisive battles, weapons used in the battle, causalities etc. Each of these come under different tabs.

  • You also have information about war heroes and in the weapons section you have some interesting news, like when it was first used, it’s name, its pros & cons and the ‘Did You Know?’ section.

  • All the details of each decisive battle’s fought during the WW I, like the countries that were involved, reason for the battle, causalities and all the important details of the battle like the map etc can be found in this app.

What Is Cool About The App ?

  • The user interface is simple, with pleasant background color.

  • You can share it on the social network.


Where Should They Improve ?

Rather than just focusing on the WW I alone, they could have also provided the option of including other major wars from the history till now and update them regularly.


It gives you a brief insight into the World War I. This generation needs these kind of app(s) to know what happened in the last century.

Price: $1.99

Rating:3/ 5

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