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There are so many gaming applications for mobile devices and it’s hard to choose the right one for you. That is why we make our review to The Matching Pairs Game 2, in an attempt to make your choice easier.

The Matching Pairs Game 2 is an application game for Apple iPad devices. It is already the second version of the game and comes with some fixes to the first version. The game was developed by Colin Frick. If you used to enjoy the old school card matching concentration games when you were a kid then for sure you are going to enjoy The Matching Pairs Game 2.

Free Matching Puzzles

In The Matching Pairs Game 2 your main goal is to beat your adversaries by finding more correct matching cards than your opponents can. In the game you can play against up to three real players or you can choose to play against the computer players at different difficulty level settings. Each real player in the game can choose his name and avatar. The Matching Pairs Game 2 offers the option to customize your cards with your own photos, to change from two or three card matches. But you are not only limited to pictures because the game introduces sound themes too. You can even match pictures to audio files, as you have to choose the correct picture for the animal sound you hear.

The options in The Matching Pairs Game 2 create the possibility to personalize the game to your own individual preferences. The game board can be adjusted and contains a maximum of 48 cards. The game features an integrated statistic function that provides a good deal of useful information to the players. You can find out, for example, how many games you won and how often. You can also find how many steps did you need to win each game, how many times did you play in solitaire mode and many more.

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The Matching Pairs Game 2 includes five themes: Monsters, Jobs, Fruits, Doodles, and Animals. The game application can be downloaded for free from the iTunes applications store. The application is 29.7 MB in size.

If you unlock the premium version of the game you have access to 32 pairs in your own themes and you can play against up to four real players. The premium version is also advertisement free.

The game is suitable for the entire family and can be played by people of any age. The Matching Pairs Game 2 is indeed a very fun and entertaining game.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

Download from iTunes

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